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May 12, 2016

At the job's end

     Another high-quality installation in the books for Ol' Bock's Custom.
     This week's exciting racket comes in the form of a Day & Night rooftop package unit to American Standard 14.5+ S.E.E.R./80% A.F.U.E. split system conversion- which, if you know your comfort control systems, is quite an upgrade. Placing the unit in the attic instead of the roof provides an easier means of access for service technicians and, can also improve the efficiency, dependability and even longevity VS. the rooftop combo in a comparable class. Not to mention the dramatic cosmetic improvement for your home.
     For this install- the new furnace was strategically placed in the attic, on the fresh cut platform (newly installed) and its condensing counterpart was placed just outside on an adjacent wall. The existing access wasnt large enough to fit the new unit , so a fully custom attic access was installed per code. Unfortunately, many of your run-of-the-mill A.C. "companies" would make a bigger return hole, throw the furnace up, put a grill on it and call it a day - But that just wouldn't be our style, as we're in the business of exceeding expectations, not just meeting them.
     As for the connections, a few ducts needed to be extended, and we went ahead and increased the return/intake - just to elimintate the potential for future issues and increase effiective cooling capacity and efficiency of the new unit. The electrical was a breeze, taken from its old location and re-routed outside through flex conduit, after making sure it was adequately sized with an appropriate breaker. Gas was tricky, run through a soffit in the hallway and not a single fitting from the roof to the sub-floor crawlspace, but was quickly reconfigured for use with the new unit. All services from condenser to furnace/coil were neatly tucked into a single linest cover, thus minimizing penetrations necessary through the outside wall. All clean, all to code and all custom built - in the true Ol' Bock's fashion

The view from up top

     Pictured above is the finished furnace on its newly constructed service platform.  Built to last, this masterpiece could withstand a 7.0 earthquake while keeping the living space it serves at the desired temperature

For more pictures, taken as the job progressed, Click "Explore" below
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