Specialty Services

Special Services offered in response to the current state of emergency. Most items have government rebates available, scroll down for more info

Free Leak Repair

            We realize that the number one reason people allow small to medium sized leaks to persist is  simply because they believe it will cost too much to have fixed. Though some leaks are definitely very labor intensive, the majority are simple, non-invasive and require only a few small, inexpensive parts. This is why we've decided to meet halfway- We'll  cover the cost of all required labor and the customer covers the cost of the parts  (if any parts are needed).  Obviously there are some stipulations, (otherwise we wouldn't stay in business for very long): The offer applies to readily visible, accessible leaks - meaning if its underground it must be completely exposed and the origin of the leak must be visible. Aboveground any furniture appliances, or miscellaneous items must be moved out of the way and all drywall must be removed, if inside a wall (not responsible for replacing drywall) Offer valid one per location, per customer and we must be already on site performing another service, otherwise a dispatch fee must be assessed
We are currently making use of every single resource available to provide you with the best capacity to  conserve,, while maintaining the most cost effective means possible. We take advantage of all known government incentives and exclusively use parts specified by the entities offering rebates. We DO NOT, for the sake of "thriftiness", use any inferior products or materials in order to save money. We are willing to budge a little in some areas, should the customer request it, but in order to earn our approval all materials must meet a minimum set of standards and specificatioms to be allowed and installed. Ultimately, this is the only way we can guarantee our work and  warranty our products.
  1. Alternative Water Sources
    Greywater Recycling irrigation Groundwater Sourcing & Consultation Advanced Filtration
  2. Rainwater Harvesting Systems
    Above ground holding tanks Basic Rain barrel irrigation In-Ground Cisterns
  3. Appliance and Fixtures (Rebate Eligible)
    Toilets and urinals Washing machines Irrigation Controls Water Softeners
  4. Other Miscellaneous
    Condensate Capture Hot Water recirculating pumps Commercial recycling systems Solar and tankless Water Heating